Saturday, October 13, 2007

"The truth"

'The truth"
by Ted Rudow III,MA ( Tedr77 [at] )
Saturday Oct 13th, 2007 8:19 AM
Throughout history, the same events recurred. Mussolini and the Nazis had the blessing of the Pope, because the Catholic Church depends upon for its existence.
With Nixon, having now been unmasked for his nefarious perfidies by the now Watergate affair, if the general American public now permit their dirty-dealing President to get away with his illegal, underhanded crimes and criminal obstructions of justice and suppressions of the truth, yet Cheney still think they should have fought it!
Bush professed to be a moderate, and got elected--but then turned rightist. For his Vice-president he picked a man with a bad civil rights record, a record of oppression. He became a common joke. But he's no joke. Draw a mustache on him and you see what he really is, who he really is, in his heart. By putting such a man next in line to him for the Presidency, Bush figured out the best way to save his own neck.
The clever subtlety of this regime. It was all very logical and obviously supposed to be very good for you and good for everyone, good for the Country and even for the rest of the world. You were almost convinced yourself--into believing what they were doing was right and for the common good, and even necessary, so that you felt little or no resentment or resistance.
It seem almost hypnotic: You moved along as though in a trance, as though drugged or dreaming, unable to speak out, unable to contradict, and much less able to rebel against what was called "the Truth", although all the time you realized subconsciously that it was some kind of big, horrible, and monstrous lie, but you were afraid not to believe it.
Ted Rudow III,MA

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