Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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Oct. 24,2007
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Fires continue to ravage SoCal

SAN DIEGO - High temperatures and fierce winds returned to Southern California on Tuesday morning, complicating the efforts to control a string of wildfires that grew overnight, prompting new evacuations. San Diego County authorities estimated 1,000 homes had burned there, and a second person was reported to have died....

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Ted Rudow III,MA Only God knows in his wisdom just exactly why he takes so many in a natural disaster, but it's apparently their time. Even Christians, theologians and church leaders have to face the question: Why does God destroy so many people?

Death is not a curse for little children, the innocent, the poor, the suffering, the less responsible, less accountable.Death is not a curse for them, because they go to a better world, a better life, a relief from the evils of this horrible planet and so death's a blessing. So perhaps this is why the Lord allows so many of the poor, and the young to die ­ those who are suffering almost beyond endurance in this life. Therefore, the Lord takes them out of their suffering, out of their poverty, out of their pain, out of their starvation. He blesses them with death ­ which to those upon whom he has such mercy is a mere gateway, a doorway, an entrance to a better life in which they'll be relieved of all this.
Ted Rudow III,MA
Former Grad student

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