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SF Halloween party off, options limited

October 23, 2007
By Salone Kapur

"The Halloween Party started in the 1950s as a costume party for children, and steadily grew from a party for the city’s gay community and their families into an attraction for people from all over the Bay Area. Over the years, moving the famed Castro party has been subject to annual discussion as violence has increasingly defined the event. Drawing large and wild, inebriated crowds, the party has been marred by violence and hate-speech against the gay community, culminating in the stabbing of four revelers in 2002. The last straw came last year when a gunman opened fire and shot nine people, including innocent bystanders.---"

Ted Rudow III,MA
The true name of Halloween is "Samhain." This was the Celtic Lord of the Dead! For 3 days from Oct 29-31, the Celtic people, along with their priestly class called Druids, would hold an ancient rite which would mark the beginning and the end of the year.
Usually a week before the rites of Samhain began, the Druid had ordered the people of the Celtic tribe to disperse throughout the countryside and gather thousands of wicker reed.This is a very strong and durable stick. Wicker furniture has been made from it and most of us are familiar with it.
They would then construct a giant human effigy that would stand from 30 to 50 feet, as the Wicker Man. Many cages had been built within it. Each prisoner would be tied to one of the cages. Then the Druids began their idea of fun and games.
Yet, I have seen many Christian churches throughout this nation hold Halloween Parties within the church building. Every single one of these things is directly from the celebration of Samhain. You are simply trying to turn something evil into something good! Isaiah 5:20. We pray this helps you to NOT be a partaker of this "holiday.

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