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Mrs. President? Maybe

I cannot say that I know much about politics or that I have the experience to run this country, but there is someone who can.

Hillary Clinton, New York senator and former first lady, is no stranger to a life of politics and a presence in the public eye.

She currently leads the Democratic nominees with a majority of at least 48 percent, according to polls taken by FOX News and CNN, as well as the LA Times/Bloomberg and the USA Today/Gallup polls....

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Ted Rudow III,MA 10/25/07 Hillary Clinton's strong beliefs have been exposed in various publications. She's on the wrong side of everything. She's for abortion; she's for gay rights; she's against home schooling; she's for children's rights against their parents; and she's for children suing their parents, and on down the line. Before William Branham died, that great and humble prophet, one of the last revelations and visions he had was that the final ruler of the United States, who would bring the United States to its doom and would be the worst ruler they ever had, would be a very beautiful but very cruel woman.

Ted Rudow III,MA
Menlo Park

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Thursday October 25, 2007



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Left Coast: An effective response to SoCal wildfires

October 25, 2007
By Kai Stinchcombe
"I drove down to Los Angeles Monday night with my girlfriend to report on the wild fires that have been raging this week in Southern California. --
-----There is always more to do, but we should pause for a moment and thank ourselves for making these investments. California has a well trained, high-morale, professional firefighting force and the physical infrastructure to support these firefighters. Our police departments are well staffed and have the equipment they need. We have competent administrative agencies that can coordinate a disaster response, prepare plans in advance and work together smoothly.

It’s easy to complain about the high and numerous taxes in California. But looking at the response to this disaster, it seems our tax dollars have been put to good use. This was a time when we needed our government, and our government — in the form of the brave fire fighters and police officers still battling the fires — has followed through."

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Ted Rudow III,MA
As I've often said in the past, one of the Enemy's principal weapons has always been fear. If he can terrify men and women and put them in fear of their lives, then as he said in the book of Job, "Skin for skin, yea, all that a man hath will he give for his life" (Job 2:4).

When the men and women of the world fear catastrophe, they generally look to their governments to save them rather than the Lord, sad to say. So what happens? Governments gain more control and power, the rich and the powerful grow even more rich and powerful, and the Enemy's plan of strengthening the very institutions he'll someday use for ultimate power and control under his One World government is.

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