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Friday October 26, 2007


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Burning Down the House: Keep on rockin' in the free world

October 26, 2007
By Gabe Winant

"But we’re not an entirely single-minded people, Americans. We’ve been known to do one thing, and sanctimoniously vote for another. This is why Bush claims his favorite song is the Everly Brothers’ “Wake Up Little Susie.” Recorded, of course, in 1957, it’s about a couple that goes on a date to a movie, only to fall asleep and worry about the scandal of getting home so late. It’s perfect, right up to the diminutive epithet attached to Susie’s name. Conservatives have spent the decades since Woodstock campaigning against rock and roll and the era of social change that it symbolized. Nixon’s vice president, Spiro Agnew, used to joke about “acid, amnesty and abortion” as the Democratic platform, and Reagan kicked off his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Miss., site of the murder of three Freedom Summer civil rights workers. Why do you think the modern Republican mind is fixated on Hillary Clinton?"

Ted Rudow III,MA -In 1969, Nitler and his Nitzies began to crush their youthful rebellion by the most fiendish, brutal, violent and repressive police power ever seen used in America against its own citizens and its own children since the days of the horrible slaughter of the Civil War of just 100 years before!

The student were cruelly beated, maimed and shot to death on their own campuses and as well as in the jails by the very parents who should have protected them and helped them to change the world! Draft deferments were canceled and America's young men were placed in military concentration camps--or in prison if they refused to go and fight their parents' murderous wars!
They managed to fool and lull the American public to sleep with a false sense of security and a don't-rock-the-boat-attitude. If the general American public now permit their dirty-dealing President to get away with his illegal, underhanded crimes and criminal obstructions of justice and suppressions of the truth,I belived that all hope is lost.

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