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Monday, October 15, 2007

Halloween: At what age does the schoolgirl become sexy?

It's almost Halloween, my favorite holiday. I love everything about it - the costumes, the candy, the parties. Halloween costume ideas have been working their way into many of my daily conversations, and in almost every publication I pick up, including the Spartan Daily, I see sales ads for costumes....

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Ted Rudow III,MA The Horrors of Halloween

The true name of Halloween is "Samhain." This was the Celtic Lord of the Dead! For 3 days from Oct 29-31, the Celtic people, along with their priestly class called Druids, would hold an ancient rite which would mark the beginning and the end of the year.
The priests of the Celtic tribe, the Druids, would meet in giant megalithic circles during the nights of Oct 29-31. One of the most famous of these circles is known as Stonehenge. They serve 3 functions: 1)temple complexes of worship 2) used as astrological observatories, and 3) they were used as temples for the rite of human sacrifice!
The Druids would meet within these circles and fill a cauldron with an apple cider like substance and then light a fire underneath it. Once this was done, then they would wander the countryside and visit the homes of various members of nobility. They would knock on the door and yell, "Trick or Treat."
This was a two part expression that would send waves of fear over everyone. The Treat would come about if you, as the head of the house would give a servant, or a family member over to the Druids to be used as a human sacrifice offering to Samhain for that night. In return, the "Treat" the Druids would give you would be a pumpkin which had been previously hallowed out and filled with human fat! The Druid would place this pumpkin on the front door step and light it. This would then serve as a protection for you and your family against those demonic forces which they would be summoning for those nights. Now, heres the "Trick." If you did not cooperate with the Druid, they would take human blood and draw a huge hexagram on your front door. The hexagram is the foulest, most evil of all symbols in the occult. If you are going to summon up a demon, a LITERAL demon. to this plane of existence, you need the hexagram in order to do so. Once the Druids had drawn this symbol on the door, someone would usually die from all the demonic forces that had been summoned. After they had wandered for 3 or 4 hours, they would return back to the stones with their human sacrifice offerings in tow.
Usually a week before the rites of Samhain began, the Druid had ordered the people of the Celtic tribe to disperse throughout the countryside and gather thousands of wicker reed. This is a very strong and durable stick. Wicker furniture has been made from it and most of us are familiar with it.
They would then construct a giant human effigy that would stand from 30 to 50 feet, as the Wicker Man. Many cages had been built within it. Each prisoner would be tied to one of the cages. Then the Druids began their idea of fun and games.
These so called departed souls were nothing more than demonic spirits taking on the form of someone's departed loved one. Just another demonic deception.
So, as you can now see, the practice of Halloween is FILLED with OCCULT practices. Yet, I have seen many Christian churches throughout this nation hold Halloween Parties within the church building. Some call it a "Harvest Party." You will find Scarecrows, Pumpkins, Bobbin for Apples, Orange and Black Crepe paper, Candy, Hot Apple cider, Ghost Stories, Costumes (Christian or not). Every single one of these things is directly from the celebration of Samhain. So, here we are as Christians DUPLICATING ONE OF SATAN'S HOLIDAYS. The Scarecrows are derived from the Wicker Man, the Pumpkin or "Jack 0 Lantern" same thing used by the Druids as protection against demonic forces. Bobbin for Apples in the horrible cauldron. Orange and Black-specific colors in the occult world. The two traditional colors for autumn to this very day. Candy the food offering for Samhain. Hot Apple-Cider from the liquid in the caldron!! Ghost stories. Costumes, even if you dress up as King Solomon or Moses, you are STILL COUNTERFEITING the Devils Holiday!! You are simply trying to turn something evil into something good! Isaiah 5:20. We pray this helps you to NOT be a partaker of this "holiday
Ted Rudow III,MA
former Grad student
Menlo Park,CA
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