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Steroids users not kids' idols

I believe Nathan Mollat when he proclaims how parents who allow their children to idolize Barry Bonds is beyond him. ("Sports Lounge" in the July 31 edition of the Daily Journal) Clearly, many things are beyond the mental grasp of Nathan Mollat.
"Parents are nuts not to let their kids know that many professional athletes are not the people to emulate. Forget the baseball aspect, the media paints Bonds as not a nice guy. Why parents would allow their children to idolize Bonds is beyond me. When I was growing up, I never looked at professional athletes as heroes or as someone after which to pattern my life. Maybe I'm in the minority."
Here, Here for Nathan! He had the guts to say it!!!
The link toward violence and steroids is a fact! "How they manage the risks of using steroids and other physique-enhancing drugs; how they understand the alleged steroid-violence link..." ("Bodybuilding, Drug and Risk," Lee Monaghan)

It's just like the grades in school now! What was a "B" 25 years ago now is an A++! Bonds, Romanowski and many others who had been accused of taking steroids. So they take steriods and the world just loves it!

Dr. Morris Mellion of the University of Nebraska Medical Center has made a strong case that exercise addiction is every bit as real and serious as drug addiction and eating disorders and is very much like them in the way it works. He described the growing trends among young athletes engaging in more high-risk behaviors, such as drinking, taking drugs, having more sexual partners and higher rates of sexually-transmitted diseases, using steroids, violence, impaired academic work and smoking. "Without concluding that sports are necessarily bad for our kids' behavior, clearly something is going on here. Parents, school administrators and coaches need to get a grip on it."
Ted Rudow III,MA
Menlo Park

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