Friday, August 10, 2007

The Crash
The Crash
by Ted Rudow III,MA ( Tedr77 [at] ) Friday Aug 10th, 2007 3:20 PM
"The Dollar, the green Dollar, the Green Pig, is literally inflating right now very rapidly-the whole world monetary system will collapse!--And the bankers and capitalists will be left sitting on their stacks of bank notes which will be worthless!--
The monetary system is about to explode and cause the capitalistic financial system to collapse! But how could that affect the Mideast? America would try to attack the Arab Countries and grab the oil ! Whatever super power possesses and controls those Arab countries would have all the oil and they would have what would be the most valuable things in the world at a time of crisis like that!" This was written in 1973-4 by David Brandt Berg and it a fulfillment of what happen today in the Mideast! There is a crash coming, no matter how often the feel-good economists predict that all things will continue as they are, just because they have been for the last several decades. The world's economy is a house built on the sand of debt, and a storm is coming, and great will be the fall of that house (Matthew 7:24-27). Ted Rudow III,MA

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