Thursday, August 09, 2007

Frog in the pot of water

Sacbee: Opinion NewsletterEditorial: Caving in on surveillanceTuesday, August 7, 2007 Frog in the pot of waterYou see, folks, all of this surveillance and monitoring is just for your good”to help protect you from criminals and hooligans, to protect your children from abuse, to protect the environment from forest fires or oil spills, and to manage disaster relief. And no doubt all these purposes will be served, but this technology is a two-edged sword”it cuts both ways, for good or for ill, depending on how it's wielded. In the days to come, this same technology will also be used for evil, employed by the A.C. system in keeping an eye on anyone who might be a threat, and to monitor any religious believers who might try to "subvert the populace." And, if you'll notice, it's being established in Europe, which in many ways is already becoming an anti-religious stronghold. The creeping destruction of liberty and privacy in these Last Days, And the odd thing is, most of the world doesn't even realize it yet, since it's proceeding so gradually in most places, like the frog in the pot of water that's slowly being brought to a boil doesn't know what's happening to him.Ted Rudow III,MA

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