Friday, August 24, 2007


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Cartoonist Rex Babin: Vietnam lessons
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The president said today that a hasty withdrawal would unleash a bloodbath in Iraq reminiscent of the Vietnam War era. Mr. Bush accused the Congress of planning to pull the rug out from under American troops. He said the American pullout from Vietnam more than 32 years ago was to blame for millions of deaths in Cambodia and Vietnam, and for putting a dent in American credibility that lasts to this day. To the horrified dismay of the apparently now small minority of truly peace-loving, fair-minded and liberal Americans, Bush was again seeking to justify his stand. But God had to expose both him and his murderous majority and so that the world would know that evidently the vast majority of Americans are for wealth, war, oppression and selfish exploitation. If the general American public now permit their dirty-dealing President to get away with his illegal, underhanded crimes and criminal obstructions of justice and suppressions of the truth, it is beyond me!Ted Rudow III,MA

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