Thursday, August 16, 2007

Rove end

Sacbee: Opinion NewsletterGrover G. Norquist: The architect's great projectWednesday, August 15, 2007 Rove endKarl Rove, President Bush's longtime political adviser, is resigning as White House deputy chief of staff effective Aug. 31, and returning to Texas, marking a turning point for the Bush presidency.Mr. Rove's departure removes one of the White House's most polarizing figures, and perhaps signals the effective end of the lame duck administration's role in shaping major domestic policy decisions, where the former Texas political consultant was a driving force. This is also the most important psychology of the magician who specializes in tricks known as sleight-of-hand. And Rove is the expert in this! Rove first evidenced a penchant for dirty tricks during his high school years, when the "classic nerd" pulled mental fakeouts on opponents in debate tournaments. Rove cares not a whit for the trail of political bodies he's left strewn in his wake. I have the feeling that it was sort of going to his head. A leader gets a little puffed up in his head and begins to think he's really a god. Delusion may take on many forms and is commonly understood, such delusions include grandeur, importance, wealth, religious delusions are common,inappropriate moral/ethical values and extreme alienation.
Ted Rudow III,MA

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