Saturday, December 11, 2010

Who were the terrorists of yesteryear?

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Reader's feedback published on 11/12/2010
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Patrick Galey
“Leaked memos reveal unprecedented look into how US views Lebanon”
December 6, 2010

Who were the terrorists of yesteryear? Both sides had their share of terrorists. Rome as a whole was a terrorist state, conquering nations, seizing their riches and enslaving their peoples, imposing their will on captive populations, and ruling with violence and bloodshed. It was the world empire of that day, the superpower, and it did as it wished. You call those who commit violence for political purposes terrorists, and Rome as a whole, as an empire, did this. Terrorists are not always little armed individuals or groups who commit atrocities. The biggest and worst terrorists are nations who commit atrocities with their armies, who wage what they call war but which differs from terrorism only in scale, for war is often terrorism on a massive scale, conducted with planes and tanks and bombs and tens of thousands of soldiers. Yet war is somehow considered more palatable by the world, for it is conducted by national terrorists, while terrorism is condemned because it is conducted by individual terrorists.

Ted Rudow III, MA
Menlo Park, California, United States

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