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Trade wars

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Friday, December 10, 2010

Trade wars

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Ted Rudow III, MA, On e-mail
Despite sustained denials by the Pentagon, the leaked cables from WikiLeaks confirm that U.S. military special operations forces have been secretly working with the Pakistani military to conduct offensive operations and coordinate drone strikes in the areas near the Afghan border.

Pentagon spokesperson Geoff Morrell called it "conspiratorial" and explicitly denied that US special operations forces were doing anything other than "training" in Pakistan. But in recent years, they go to war for commercial reasons, they're trade wars. Nearly every one of America's wars was fought under different excuses, even as far back as the Civil War. Before every war, there's a long period of mental conditioning and psychological preparation.

Roosevelt was informed ahead of time that the Japanese were going to strike Pearl Harbour, even of the hour, and this all came out years afterwards, but he never did a thing and never let the information out to the Armed Services or anything because he knew that was the only thing that would make the American people mad enough to go to war. So Sunday morning came, Dec 7, 1941, at Pearl Harbour, and, as usual, the military services all took the day off. Of course then this was played up into big propaganda: “A horrible atrocity, the Japanese sneak attack on Pearl Harbour,” “a terrible slaughter,” “a stab in our back” and all of this stuff, and it did it. It made the Americans mad enough, and the very next day Congress met and declared war - WWII.

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