Saturday, December 11, 2010

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Poor suffer, rich benefit
Issues Beyond Palo Alto, posted by Ted Rudow III,MA, a member of the Palo Alto High School community, on Dec 10, 2010

Poor suffer, rich benefit

Congress convinced lots of poor people to voluntarily give up some of the few things they had to make them even poorer and the rich even richer, so the rich could have more and more and the poor less and less. These are called “taxes” and “profits” and “interest.”

The poor of the world really suffer from the policies of the rich. It’s more than a lack of political will; it’s plain old selfishness and greed, combined with a lack of love or even simple concern for the poor.

The rich are about to reap the cruelties and poverties they themselves have sown amongst the poor, while the meek and the poor shall inherit the earth.

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