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America’s lack of morals and conscience are leading us astray

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America’s lack of morals and conscience are leading us astray

By Tyler Do
Spartan Daily
September 26, 2010

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Tyler Peter Do, staff writer

Is our society experiencing a downturn in the possession of moral values? Following last Friday’s hit-and-run incident in Pennsylvania, I would have to say yes.

Hell yes, to be exact.

The hit-and-run incident resulted in a fatal collision that killed a two-year-old boy and seriously injured his mother while they were on the sidewalk.

Though our society has made advances in education, medicine and technology, people are starting to lose their sense of morality because of selfishness and the “virtue” of self-righteousness.

I find it disgusting and appalling that some unidentified jackass driving a luxury silver-colored Mercedes-Benz, who is still at large, hit a woman and child and did not even bother to help.

But I guess that would defeat the meaning of a hit-and-run.

However, even if he wanted to run, he could’ve at least dropped them off at hospital for some medical attention first or called an ambulance before riding into the midnight hour. After that, he could have gone home and cleaned the evidence off his car with some water and Dawn or Clorox.

The fact is, people in today’s fast-paced society don’t have the sympathy and sense of altruism we would like them to have to help others.

We’re too busy fusing into the egocentric nature that has been seeded and cultivated by the LiLo(s) (Lindsay Lohans) and Britney Spears (BS) of popular culture.

How can you care for others when you’re too busy focusing on getting the next iPhone, a pair of Christian Louboutins, or some virgin Indian Remy weave?

Kathy Janik, expert author and columnist said, “Undoubtedly yes, America is losing its moral values.  The proof is by watching the ever-increasing numbers of laws that are being created to force people to toe the line. If people were living morally, we would not need any more laws at all.

“Laws are ignorant people’s solutions to a morality problem. The solution is not to pass more laws.  The solution is to remind each other why we need to live with a high set of moral standards. We must remind each other or else we forget.”

She is absolutely right. Why are we establishing new laws to fine and incarcerate people for their misdeeds when we should be proactively nipping these issues in the bud by teaching people not to be so self-involved and careless in the first place.

Parents, teachers and social administrators should start educating their pupils on the craft of “being kind” in addition to how to score high on the STAR Test(s) or SATs.

If so, we’d probably have drastic drops in bullying issues, suicides, hit-and-runs, eating disorders and an entire melting pot of social issues.

For example, my friend from high school, who came from a pretty wealthy background, hit a man on the way home from a late-night party after her curfew. She hit a pedestrian and guess what? Her parents paid the man off and brought her a new car to help alleviate the trauma she experienced.

Gosh, talk about lack of parental control and discipline. This explains the poor service some parents pay to society with poor parenting skills.

If I did such a heinous act, my parents would probably lock me in a cage and only let me out when it’s time for school or for meals, showers and restroom breaks.

Actually, they might only just let me leave for school.

It’s unfortunate to hear that a two-year-old boy and his mother had to be the wake-up call for people in society to be aware that we need to discipline our kids or do something to pop them free from their “me bubble.” The world doesn’t revolve around them, so get over it.

Next time a demoralizing event like this happens, parents should sit down and think “Did I spank my child enough?”

While their parents meditate on that, kids should be thinking, “Did my parents teach me the proper ethics, or did they just give me a new Nintendo Wii to avoid real parenting when something bad happened?”

According to a new Gallup Poll from the Christian Post, more Americans believe moral values in the United States are getting worse. The annual poll found that “76 percent of Americans said moral values in the country are getting worse, up five percent from last year.”

One Response to “America’s lack of morals and conscience are leading us astray”

Ted Rudow III,MA says:
September 29, 2010
As Jesus said, “By this shall all men know that ye are My disciples, if ye have love one to another.” True Christianity is a religion of love, of laying down your life for your neighbor—and considering all men your neighbors!
True Christians love God with all their heart and soul and might, and their neighbors as themselves. They don’t just sit around and talk about it, or merely hear a sermon about it in church on Sunday, but they put love into action somehow—sharing the love of Jesus with others by witnessing, feeding the hungry, visiting the sick, ministering to the widows and orphans and old folks, giving hope to the prisoners, bringing relief to those affected by disaster, and on and on the list goes!
That’s real Christianity, and though real Christians may be unknown to the world, they’re very well known in Heaven. They may seem poor to worldly folks, yet they make many rich. They may seem to have nothing, yet they possess all things!
Are you a real Christian? You are if you’ve put your love into action somehow today! Be a real Christian, a true subversive, a follower of the greatest rebel of all—Jesus.
Ted Rudow III,MA
Class of 1996

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