Saturday, September 18, 2010

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Reader's feedback published on 18/09/2010
The Daily Star is pleased to provide a forum for debate on a range of subjects, from local cultural activities to international politics.
Dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of letters fall into the editor’s mailbox daily. In order to keep the letters timely, The Daily Star generally produces a special letters section. When the influx of letters is particularly large, extra space is made available accordingly.
If you would like to submit a letter for publication, please remember to include your full name (first and last) and address, including city. The Daily Star typically only publishes letters under 400 words, and these are subject to editing. The Daily Star will not acknowledge unsolicited submissions.

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“Obama warns Koran-burning would boost Al-Qaeda”
September 10, 2010

It’s amazing how little we know about this, probably because the Western world wants to kind of help forget it. I’m ashamed of my own ignorance of Islam and the Koran. I just know a few little high spots of history and I’ve read a little bit more lately, particularly about the Prophet Mohammad and the history of Islam. It has reminded me a number of times lately how much the Arabs today are speaking almost like the prophets of old against the iniquities of the world and pointing a real righteous finger at the wicked West and its corruption and ungodliness and selfishness. There’s nothing more controversial, nothing that arouses argument more than religion. Let’s love God together, let’s love each other, let’s help each other.
Let’s forget the past and work for the future. We can’t undo the past; we can’t undo the mistakes of both sides in the past and the horrors that were committed in the name of God on both sides. We must live for the present and the future.

Ted Rudow III, MA
Menlo Park, California, United States

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