Monday, September 06, 2010

Poor Israelis

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Monday, September 6, 2010Letters

Poor Israelis

Ted Rudow III, MA, On e-mail
I feel sorry for the poor Israelis who have been driven so far from Him by their pride and stubbornness of heart. It is so easy to harden your heart and hate and curse those who curse you and those you love. But the Lord way is not one of anger and hatred. He will use him to judge this people and cause them to forcibly live in peace with their neighbours. The ways of this world are not the Lord ways, but He will use them to institute law and order and bring an end to oppression.

Peace will come, but only after a time of such great darkness as the world has never known before. After this darkest of hours, the brightest of lights will shine, and the dawn will never have looked so clean and bright as it will on that day. Peace and justice will come to this world again.

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