Sunday, November 23, 2008

Wherehave all the leaders gone?

Where have all the leaders gone?
by Ted Rudow III,MA ( Tedr77 [at] )
Sunday Nov 23rd,
But the best immediate indicator of what an Obama administration might look like can be found in the people he surrounds himself with and who he appoints to his Cabinet. And, frankly, when it comes to foreign policy, it is not looking good.
Obama has a momentous opportunity to do what he repeatedly promised over the course of his campaign: bring actual change. But the more we learn about who Obama is considering for top positions in his administration, the more his inner circle resembles a staff reunion of President Bill Clinton's White House.
Unstable global financial markets, waves of bankruptcy, deepening unemployment, economic busts, markets plunging, collapsing consumer confidence, banking systems crashing—it does not seem that there is any place on earth immune from the financial crisis. Who will be able to rescue the world from this mess? Where have all the leaders gone? Who is capable?
Though he's unknown to most people, his presence can be felt as he manipulates and put things in line and sets the stage for his grand entrance.There is a strongman behind the scenes (not Obama) who is bringing to the attention of the world the need for a savior, someone to come forward and take the reins. But it will cost your soul?

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