Saturday, November 08, 2008

Natural Power

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Mark Morford

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It's God's fault?

The cruel success of Prop. 8? Not Newsom, not gays. Blame You Know Who

By Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist
Friday, November 7, 2008

.....Some say the inglorious success of Prop. 8, the brutally regressive measure that removes the rights of very specific people who love very specific other people from ever marrying them, can be blamed on multiple factors. Some say it was Gavin Newsom's smugness and political recklessness. Some blame Feinstein for daring to support Prop. 8's defeat. Some blame the black and Latino communities for their shocking and rather heartbreaking support of what essentially amounts to a civil rights abuse of the very kind they themselves fought so hard to overcome. Or maybe it's all those sad, white, central portions of the state, the huge chunks of voters who live in places without much culture or perspective or major universities, who only hear certain strains of spiteful rhetoric and thin fearmongering, whose general lack of education means they apparently still believe certain flavors of love will poison everyone's soup and ruin the sanctity of the time-honored 50-percent heterosexual missionary position Christian divorce rate. And I must say -- and you might not want to hear this -- a big chunk of blame for 8's passage has to go to the No on 8 campaign's initial arrogance, followed by their utterly limp reaction when the Yes campaign started attacking and gaining real steam. As one of my politically savvy Chronicle colleagues put it, "No on 8 was a bad campaign. Bad bad bad. Inept, amateurish, incompetent and, above all, guilty of committing the first and worst sin of politics: taking the voters for granted." .....................

No matter what scientific names they call it, it's still spiritual power. If they were able to scientifically analyse it they'd probably call it natural, and in a way these are natural forces, natural powers.--that there really are such things. The people who let him and his flies, his dirty little demons, hang around today. But there are literally spiritual forces behind the scenes with which they're dealing, and that in so doing they're really playing with fire! They're really taking chances. They could get possessed or a lot of other things could possibly happen.I'm not condemning them who has some kind of satanic perversion or demonic impulse that drive them into that kind of a relationship. It's really sad and I feel sorry for them! But I know that if they will sincerely pray and ask the Lord to free them and deliver them from that spirit, He will! The first thing to remember is that you can't do much for people who don't want to be delivered. ( Mk.1:23-26 ; Mt.8:29 ).
Ted Rudow III,MA

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