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Bush and his band of thieves

November 19
Bush and his band of thieves

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Stu’s Views: Choosing the right cabinet

By: Stuart Baimel
November 18, 2008
"We’re now two weeks into President-elect Barack Obama’s (It still feels weird to say that. It really does.) transition, which is probably the most-watched in the past 25 years or so. We’ve read — or at least I have — story after story in the media reminding us of Bill Clinton’s supposedly disastrous transition, and how Obama should avoid his mistakes. Obama, who does seem to be moving quite a bit faster than Clinton, selected his Chief of Staff quickly. Rahm Emanuel, a centrist once associated with the Democratic Leadership Council (DLC) and serious policy wonk, is an excellent choice for the job. He’s also filled several other staff positions with loyalists like Valerie Jarrett. Despite leftist criticism, Emanuel’s selection indicates Obama’s desire to govern from the center.----
Many people have been asking us, “Could Bush actually pardon himself?”. Would it be despicable? Would it be shameless and cowardly? Yes, that and that too what we saw in Iraq in the Green Zone and what we’re seeing in the US Treasury. It’s sort of the Green Zoning of the US Treasury. It has been very much a corporate war. So these sort of corporate welfare bums now want to use the language of anti-protectionism to go into other countries.
This bailout is really not a bailout at all; it’s a parting gift to the people that the Bush—that George Bush once referred to jokingly as “my base.” . It to what European colonial rulers used to do when they finally realized they had to hand over power; they would loot the treasury on the way out the door.
Two of the most modern and significant are Hitler and Nitler, the term we prefer to use for Hitler’s American presidential heir. Hitler was an expert at distracting his people’s attention from their real problems. Another trick from a whole bag of tricks by Bush and his band of thieves? It doesn’t matter to him and his if other governments fall and political careers are tragically destroyed and lives lost as long as his own power is preserved!–Like Hitler!

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