Thursday, November 13, 2008

Nobody win!

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All eyes on the veterans

Matthew KimelIssue date: 11/13/08 Section: News

Media Credit: Chris Bausinger
A groups of trainees in the U.S. Marine Corps Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps march down Market street to the applause of onlookers.

Veterans and several hundred citizens of the greater San Jose area participated in the 90th annual Veterans Day celebration Tuesday with a parade along Santa Clara and Market streets.

"I think (the parades) are important, especially on this date," said Bill Milam, who was a ground electronics server in the Vietnam War. "This is the official date of the Armistice of World War I."

A memorial ceremony took place at 11 a.m. at the intersection of South Market Street and Park Avenue prior to the beginning of the festivities. San Jose Mayor Chuck Reed was one of several speakers.
Reed thanked veterans for their services and said Veterans Day was the "most important holiday of the year."


On Nov.11,1919,the nation celebrated the first anniversary of the armistice ending World War I. Almost everywhere,it was a time for joy. Lt.Warren O. "Wedge" Grimm (March 9, 1888 - November 11, 1919) was an All-American at the University of Washington and an officer in the United States Army, he served with distinction as part of the American Expeditionary Force Siberia stationed in Russia in 1918-1919.
He was assassinated on November 11, 1919, by members of the IWW (Wobblies) during the Centralia Massacre in Washington State. My Grandfather, Bill Grimm also server in the Great War but he was safe. He later became another All-American at the University of Washington.
You know, it's like all the cheers are gone, the cheers of the throngs to the passing parade, to the soldiers as they go to war. All the glory and the glamour as they march off to war as the people throng and cheer them--all of a sudden it's hushed.--And then there they lie, silently, the biggest parade of all, nobody cheers any more, nobody cares, nobody even remembers. What terrible things wars are. They lose their governments, countries and colonies and economies. They all lose everything. They all lose. Nobody win, you know?
Ted Rudow III,MA
Class of 1996

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