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Published: September 1, 2008
This article is by Adam Nossiter, Damien Cave, Kareem Fahim and James Barron.Skip to next paragraph MultimediaSlide Show

Hurricane Gustav Arrives


Path of Hurricane Gustav


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Pablo Martinez Monsivais/Associated Press
President Bush boarded Air Force One at Andrews Air Force Base on Monday. He is traveling to Texas to monitor Hurricane Gustav. More Photos »

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NEW ORLEANS — This nearly deserted city appeared to have escaped threats of full-scale devastation on Monday when Hurricane Gustav came ashore 70 miles to the southwest, bearing winds and rain far less formidable than earlier forecast.The storm smashed through the bayou country of rural Louisiana, raising fears of widespread coastal erosion and damage to fishing villages that state officials were unable to confirm Monday evening. But before making landfall, it was downgraded from a Category 3 hurricane to Category 2 when its winds slowed to 110 miles per hour, from 115 m.p.h., and state officials said they believed that their worst fears had not been realized.

September 2nd, 2008

How America loves her oil! She's dependent on it, and worst of all, she loves it more than life itself. That oil has taken life -- life after life after life. America has built a wicked and perverse economy on luxuries, waste and war.. The oil she has poured into her war machines doesn't run black, it runs blood red. That's all I see -- the innocent blood that oil has shed. So now have the Lord struck at the heart of her lust for power and her blatant disregard of life -- her oil industry. What is the significance of the New Orleans disaster? It marks the collapse of the red, white and blue. America is falling. She is crumbling and will continue to crumble under the weight and pressure of the repercussions of this mighty blow. New Orleans might be a smaller city, but it's going to be the belly button of the whirlpool that will drain America of its resources. Pain and suffering have been poured out on others for years by the Americans. America struggles to hold on to its wealth. Instead of helping the poor, she conquers and destroys the poor.

— Ted Rudow III, MA, Menlo Park, CA


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Charlie Wilson’s peace

By Charles Wilson -

Tuesday, September 2, 2008
Story appeared in section, Page NONE

Russia's invasion of Georgia has led to a more serious foreign policy discussion in the presidential campaign. As tensions rise in the Caucasus and violence once again erupts in Afghanistan, we should recall the lessons we learned from our response to earlier Russian adventurism. We must recognize now, as we learned years ago, that a strong military alone is not enough to ensure our long-term national security.---This is not a partisan issue. From the Marshall Plan to the Peace Corps to the President's Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief, Americans of all political stripes have always joined together to build a better, safer world.Whether the focus is on the spread of germ-borne illnesses or violent terrorist ideologies, America is made safer — and our global leadership is affirmed — when we help other countries eradicate the conditions that give rise to these scourges. We cannot afford to aspire to anything less than defeating poverty, disease, ignorance and despair wherever they exist. It is a relatively small but incredibly effective investment that helps ensure our future national security and economic prosperity.Robust investments in health, education and economic development are critical elements of our national security. I hope the message of our experiences in Afghanistan will resonate with the next president, whoever he is, as he puts in place his strategic vision for America's role in the world.
The Polish government passed a resolution authorizing the foreign minister to sign the agreement on the deployment in Poland of elements of the U.S. anti-missile shield. If God could have trusted America, he could have let her be the policeman of the world. But you see, an ungodly nation cannot be trusted to become rich and powerful, because if they don't stay close to the Lord they can't be trusted. So America's unity and one language and strong central government--it's strength, has become its very weakness, because God cannot permit as wicked a nation as America has become to grow too strong, because she's too bad an influence and too poor an example to the world. But America, even in the past wars in Europe, has been largely to blame for them, because, though part of the time she sat on the sidelines pretending to be neutral, she was all the time helping her side, like a big bully!
Ted Rudow III,MA

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