Thursday, October 06, 2011

War horse


War Horse

by Ted Rudow III ,MA Wednesday, 05 October 2011
They know that a few soup lines, and lying promises won't be enough to hold back a Revolution in the event of a recession (which would be inevitable if the war ceased). They are also aware that their present policy of feeding the youth of the Nation into the war machine. So Big Business continues to produce war toys, well-lubricated with the blood of human sacrifices, as usual. But, the sacrifices are now coming from another nation to take the heat off back here. The atrocious effects of the death triangle (War, Business, Politics) cannot be stopped by ordinary revolutionary activity. the power of the death triangle is of spiritual origin.
Composed by Paul MichaelI hear them yelling "Peace and safety" Telling me everything's gonna be alright. But they just took my eighteen year old brother. They're teaching him how to kill and to fightI see the smoke rising up from the fire, it's our heads that you see In the noose, oh Lord somebody warn the people that the war horse is on the loose.Chorus: Another young man dead, but who gives a damn those generals on Wall Street got control of our landLift up your voices, and shout out the warning to them!

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