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Political stances should outweigh religious views

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Political stances should outweigh religious views
by Jaimie Collins
The wise Thomas Jefferson is often attributed with writing the historical phrase “separation of church and state.” To this day, that ideal is still considered to hold importance in the election of our country’s leaders.
Unfortunately, United States voters and presidential candidates may not feel the same way.
During a convention on Oct. 7 in Washington, D.C. Pastor Robert Jeffress, the Southern Baptist Convention leader from Texas, introduced Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry, and altogether stole the show.-------
One thought on “Political stances should outweigh religious views”
Ted Rudow III, MA on October 26, 2011
During a GOP debate last week, Texas Governor Rick Perry was asked about his support of the death penalty. (Texas has the highest rate of execution in the country.) Rick Perry was steadfast, saying, to cheers of support from the audience, that he had “never struggled” with the potential that Texas could have execution of an innocent person. At a June 2011 anti-abortion event, Perry told supporters that he believes “human life [is] a sacred gift from God.”Can you be pro-life and pro-death penalty? How does one reconcile these positions? A good saying is, “The speak peace, but war is in their heart” It is as if they find refuge in the belief that the life of a fetus is more important than the life of a fully-conscious human being.
Ted Rudow III, MA
Class of 1996

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