Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The stage is set

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To understand American policy toward Iran, one must understand who the authors
are of such policy and what their motivations are. The Brookings Institution itself was created by and for the corporate-financier elite.
It is a policy think-tank that represents the collective interests of the big oil corporations, banks, and military contractors that fund it. Quite obviously then, policy toward Iran, or any nation for that matter, from within the halls of the Brookings Institution will revolve around expanding the global financial, social, political, and military hegemony of its corporate sponsors.
America and Israel conspire to silence this troublesome voice, to quell and to put out these fires which burn and trouble the world for them. They conspire together, and so leader has risen of their own making, of their own choice, a zealot for the cause of the Jews [Netanyahu, Israeli prime minister]. The stage is set. You can be sure of a confrontation and an escalation of confrontation between these two houses that battle at war.
Ted Rudow III, MA

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