Wednesday, October 05, 2011


Peninsula Peace and Justice Center
Free Forum TonightAttend in person ~ Watch online ~ Watch on TV ~ Phone inOther Voices TV:The State of Palestine(And why the U.S. is going to veto the whole idea ... ) Tuesday, October 4, 7:00 PMCommunity Media Center, 900 San Antonio Road, Palo AltoFree and open to all. Wheelchair accessible.A conversation withJOEL BEININDonald J. Maclachlan Professor of Middle Eastern History at Stanford UniversityMahmoud Abbas, chairman of the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and President of the Palestinian Authority (PA), has made a formal request to the United Nations for recognition of the State of Palestine. The United States has vowed to veto the effort, which requires approval of the UN Security Council. Both moves are rife with uncertainty and the possibility of unforeseen repercussions.Was this a good strategic move by the Palestinians? Why has the U.S. vowed to veto the UN effort? And how will the US veto of a Palestinian state be viewed by other Arab and MIddle Eastern countries? Will the Palestinian effort to gain formal recognition as a state -- whether or not it is vetoed by the US -- help propel new movement in the so-called "peace process" or will it mark the end of those efforts? Our guest, Joel Beinin, one of the country's top experts on the Israel-Palestine conflict, will attempt to answer these and many other questions this new direction in the long-lasting conflict will no doubt inspire.Beinin will also give us a report on his latest trip to the region, where he continues his reasearch for a new book about young Israelis and Palestinians organizing together to demand justice for Palestinians and an end to the Israeli occupation.Be a part of the studio audience!You are always an important part of each program as we turn to our in-studio audience and viewers at home for questions and comments. Home viewers can call 650-856-1491 to participate.I phoned in and questioned the role of AIPAC and dealing with the Congress.Other Voices TV can be seen live at 7:00 PM on mid-Peninsula cable channel 27. The program is also streamed live on the internet (select channel 27).On demand video streaming is available on our website beginning two days after the initial broadcast.The current program is rebroadcast throughout the month on cable channel 27 (an internet webcast can also be seen at these times):
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