Friday, April 08, 2011

Tax cuts

Weather Dhaka T: 28C H: 49% The Daily Star Your Right To KnowFriday, April 8, 2011 Home Business Sports Arts & En The Star National International Op-Ed LettersFriday, April 8, 2011Letters Tax cuts Ted Rudow III, MA, Encina Ave, Palo Alto, CA As many as 500,000 protesters marched in London on Saturday to protest Britain's deepest cuts in public spending since World War II. The protests came after U.K. officials estimated corporate taxes would be reduced even as it tackles a $235 billion deficit and plans to cut more than 300,000 public sector jobs. Meanwhile, in the United States protesters gathered in 40 cities on Saturday to oppose tax cuts for the wealthy amid budget cuts in public services. When you're rich and lose money on a leveraged investment, you are a victim of the bad economy and deserved to be bailed out. When you're poor and lose money on a risky investment, you're a financially incompetent yahoo who chases get-rich-quick schemes.

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