Wednesday, April 06, 2011


Peninsula Peace and Justice Eyewitness Report: Aristide Returns to HaitiTuesday, April 5, 7:00 PM Tonight!Community Media Center900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto FREE and open to all Aristide Returns, Earthquake Recovery, Fraudulent Elections - A conversation with Robert Roth, Seth Donnelly, and Los Altos Altos H.S. students who have just traveled to Haiti. I phoned it and told my tale of living in the Caribbean for a few years and how we need to write letter to the editor about the tragic tale of Haiti! Other Voices TV can be seen live at 7:00 PM on the first Tuesday of each month on mid-Peninsula cable channel 27. The program is also streamed live on the internet (select channel 27). Related April 7: Los Altos High School students report on their recent trip to build a school in Haiti.

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