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Op-Ed: Silently Catholic, Pro-Life and a Stanford Outcast
Wednesday, March 2nd, 2011 By Op Ed
I have never tried to convert anyone in my life. I am one of the most open-minded people you will ever meet. I rarely even tell people that I’m Catholic.But I have felt isolated for being Catholic and pro-life since the first week I came to Stanford. I vividly remember my first few days here, how I had gone to MemChu a few times because I was a little lost and lonely. The news of where I had gone on my walk was met with odd glances and uncomfortable silences. Later that night in the Lag dining hall, some kid made the mistake of revealing that he had signed up on the pro-life e-mail list. And at least 10 people went at him for being so conservative, so close-minded. ........I am scared of revealing my other isolated world when I feel like no one will support me in doing so.I write this not to complain, but to share my story in hopes that it might reach someone feeling like I do, even if a different reason is the cause. Be blessed. Courtney Crisp ‘11

Ted Rudow III says:March 3, 2011 Pro-abortion is because they’re in it for the money. Some doctors make a fortune on abortions!–There are so many & it’s easier! In the U.S. alone, where some 1.5 million abortions take place every year, at an average cost of $300 each, abortions are an annual $500 million industry!The anti-abortion demonstrators can now be prosecuted under the “Anti-Racketeering Law,” RICO, placing them in the same category as gangs & criminals! It was a unanimous Supreme Court decision, think of it! A spokeswoman for Operation Rescue called the decision “a complete travesty of justice. The Supreme Court justices obviously do not understand how far-reaching this case is. This opens the floodgates for RICO to be used against anybody who uses free speech in a way that offends somebody else, or freedom of religion or freedom of assembly,” she said.

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