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Reader's feedback published on 07/03/2011
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Editorial“Punish Gadhafi, not Libya”February 28, 2011
Colonel Moammar Gadhafi was a poor boy born in a tent, the son of a nomadic camel trader who roamed the poverty-stricken desert throughout most of his childhood. Significantly enough, he did his early studies by the light of an old oil lamp. Gadhafi In his early teens became active in political demonstrations in favor of Egypt’s Nasser, procuring the necessary materials for his flags, banners and slogans by personally provisioning them from different merchants, and was often harassed by his enemies. At the age of 27 in 1969, he led a successful revolution of the poor as a young army officer, ousted Libya’s corrupt monarchy and became its new head of state. He also promptly ousted the foreign scientific magicians who had helped discover Libya’s lamp of oil far beneath the sands of her desert, and began rubbing that lamp vigorously to produce its black gold and force its powerful genie of foreign oil companies to pay him more than double their former prices, from $1 billion in his first year of 1969 to over $2 billion in 1971 and approximately $3 billion in 1973, amassing the largest gold reserves in the Arab world, and gaining a distinct place of leadership among 100 million Arabs, second only to that of Egypt. He used the magic genie of its power to accrue more wealth and power for both Libya and himself, although the Western magicians would certainly like to bury him alive if they could. But he himself seems to wear some uncanny ring of spiritual authority which causes him to lead a nearly charmed life in opposition to his enemies. To their disgruntled and frustrated chagrin, he keeps gleefully rubbing his new magic lamp and producing its black genie of oil, which has now brought him so much wealth and power. But now Gadhafi has vowed that he would “fight on to the last drop of my blood” and die a “martyr.” We have heard and seen the killings going on in Libya. There needs to be a thorough investigation and if he’s found guilty he must be condemned and punished by the international community.
Ted Rudow III, MAPalo Alto, California, United States

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