Friday, March 04, 2011

Muslim Wall
Muslim Wall
by Ted Rudow III, MA ( Tedr77 [at] ) Friday Mar 4th, 2011
We should call this really the Muslim Wall. They’re not all Arabs, but are all united by the common religious bond of Islam. All the countries which are Muslim or half-Muslim, I found the wall is roughly a thousand miles wide most of the way and extends about 7,000 miles, all the way from the West African coast to the border of China!
So the wide Muslim Wall is indeed very, very long, about twice as long as the mainland African and Asian Muslim Wall! This extends the Muslim Wall to the astounding length of about 15,000 miles—three-fifths of the way around the world—dividing the bulk of Asia and Europe from the bulk of southern Africa and Australia. Islam has continued to spread throughout the East, and the South, toward Africa, and even in the West. It has strengthened itself as well, in anger against the continued Western inroads in the Middle East, the oppression and conquest of Muslim nations, and in fervor to oppose the Western lifestyle, which has become more decadent and unrighteous as the years have passed. There has been a hardening of attitudes toward the West, especially toward America, because of its policies toward Muslim nations, and its support of despots and dictators in the Muslim world, its wars upon Muslim nations, as well as its support for Israel. The wall has swept on, growing in influence and strength and power.
Ted Rudow III, MA

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