Thursday, March 31, 2011

New Beginning?

Wednesday March 30, 2011 The Berkeley Daily Planet Front Page Opinion Columnists Arts & Entertainment Contents Full Text Letters to the Editor Tuesday March 29, 2011 McKenna; Government Education is an Oxymoron; Football Safety Hearings; Stonewalled by Stonemountain; Berkeley High School and the Lack of Shops; Obama Didn't Tell the Full Story; New Beginning? New Beginning? Despite Obama's attempts to reach out to some Latin American leftists, Ivan Briscoe, the security analyst, believes elements within the US military’s Southern Command are advocating a "hard-line military response" to security problems in the region, even though this strategy has failed in the past. Guatemala, another impoverished Central American country, recently followed this "hard-line" approach when authorities declared a state of emergency to battle drug gangs. Structural problems in Central America, leaving average people with few viable options, can be traced to the mentality of local elites, says Carlos Velazquez, the El Salvadorian political researcher. The history of Central America is so sad that it's almost too tragic to relate and how it's coming to a head to a new beginning is yet to be seen! Ted Rudow III, MA

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