Wednesday, February 02, 2011

PPJC's award-winning free monthly forum & TV program

PPJC's award-winning free monthly forum & TV programThe Revolution in Egpyt and Palestine's Prospects
including a discussion of
The Palestine Papers

A conversation with
Khalil Barhoum
Coordinator, African and Middle Eastern Languages, Senior Lecturer, Stanford University
Palestinian Human Rights Activist

Tuesday, February 1, 7:00 PM
Community Media Center
900 San Antonio Road, Palo Alto Map and directions
Free and open to all // Wheelchair accessible
Simultaneous live TV broadcast cable channel 27
Simultaneous live  internet webcast

Note: Originally scheduled to be a discussion of the recently-leaked documents known as "The Palestine Papers," this program will now also focus on the continuing dramatic events in Egypt and how change there may impact Palestinian prospects for a homeland.

Al Jazeera, the Dubai-based satellite news organization, recently released thousands of pages of classified documents that relate to the so-called "peace process" between Israel and Palestine, with the United States supposedly serving as an impartial broker.

What do the papers tell us about the ever-frustrating peace process?  The Israelis have long claimed the Palestinians are not interested in negotiations, yet the papers reveal astonishingly generous offers made by the Palestinians, offers that were refused out-of-hand by the Israeli side.  Washington has long claimed to be playing the role of impartial broker of the peace talks, but again, the papers reveal a US that backs every Israeli negotiating position.
And now that these notes and memos have been released, revealing behind-the-scenes secrets that were never meant for public consumption, what becomes of the negotiations themselves, what will be the political fallout from the papers, in Palestine, Israel, and the US?

Be a part of the studio audience!

You are always an important part of each program as we turn to our in-studio audience and viewers at home for questions and comments. Home viewers can call 650-856-1491 to participate. I phoned in and discus the fact the U.S give Egypt almost as much aid now as Israel. Israel's getting $2 billion or $3 billion a year. Egypt got $1.2 billion this past year.

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