Tuesday, February 01, 2011


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Peninsula readers' letters: Feb. 1

From Daily News Group readers
Posted: 01/31/2011 05:37:34 PM PST
Updated: 01/31/2011 10:22:05 PM PST

Mubarak bought peace with Israel

Dear Editor: Egypt already made peace with Israel and is supported by the U.S. That peace was bought and paid for with U.S. dollars. Don't give Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak too much credit for being such a great peacemaker, martyr and sacrificial idealist for making peace with Israel. He is strong-willed, but his kingdom fights even among itself, and that house shall not stand.

Mubarak is a man set in his ways, strong in his own eyes. Yet there are many hidden sorrows and many deep disappointments. There were many he could have broken but would not. He turned to his own strength. He is like one who has sold his soul in order to gain the world. Within himself he struggles and fights, knows not where his loyalties should be. He has compromised so many times, and knows not what is right.

You can bet your boots the U.S. promised him everything if he would make peace with Israel, and we've been delivering. We give Egypt almost as much aid now as Israel. Israel's getting $2 billion or $3 billion a year. Egypt got $1.2 billion this past year.

Ted Rudow III,MA

Palo Alto


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