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Ho ho humbug: Christmas spirit is spiteful

Debra J. Saunders

The atmosphere: You're supposed to feel festive. It's the holiday season. Instead, you feel rushed, tired and sick of all the crowds in the stores, gridlock on the streets and packages cutting into your calf as...
Christmas Day gets lost in the days and weeks surrounding it. In fact, many Christmas cards and signs simply state 'Season's Greetings' with no mention of Christmas. Now it's a 'holiday tree' rather than a 'Christmas tree'. They even call it 'XMAS' to cross Jesus out of Christmas. In other words, to take Christ out of Christmas. In some cities, all you ever see are signs of 'Xmas Holidays', 'Xmas Sale', 'Xmas Shopping', 'Xmas, Xmas, Xmas'. They wouldn't think of putting up 'Christmas', that's the name of Jesus Christ! And, of course, they've got a new god called Santa Claus, who is really the big department store! One of the horrible horrors of it is that when they teach their children about Santa Claus, and then they start teaching them about Jesus, the truth and the real story and meaning of Christmas, the poor kids think, "Oh, this is just another stupid idiotic fairytale like the one you told me about Santa Claus!" There's so much more to Christmas than trees, decorations!
Ted Rudow III,MA

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e-ric said...

Keep preachn Emmanuel!

And tks for following my prophet blog & so I will follow yours!

Of course, I read many of the Lord's messages through you already
& appreciate & respect your mission.

Tell Lily HI
& I think I finally got her netzero e-mail!

Jesus Bless your Health
& the Power of the Keys at your command!

c ya