Friday, December 19, 2008

Auto bailout

Jamaica Observer
Thursday, December 18, 2008,


Thursday, December 18, 2008

Dear Editor,
The culture of the world is enamoured with the smooth and the slick,
with being big and successful, while humility and love run against
the grain.

Though Jesus was God, He didn't flaunt His power or position or
rights. Instead, He made Himself nothing. His birthplace is a
testimony to that. He didn't just take a low place, He took the
lowest, and the point is that His commission was to serve. It was to
preach salvation to the poor. He came not to be served, but to serve,
to give His life as a ransom for many.

Ted Rudow III, MA
PO Box 1222
Menlo Park, CA 94026

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Friday, December 19, 2008

Letters to the Editor

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Letter to the Editor: Auto bailout
To the Editor:

The Bush administration said that it was prepared to intervene to
prevent the collapse of General Motors and Chrysler after Republican
senators blocked a compromise proposal to rescue the automakers. That
they would be remembered for decades as the party of Herbert Hoover
if the industry collapsed.

Everything is moving a lot faster today that it did in 1929. From '29
to '32, President Hoover kept talking like the politicians are
talking now, right until he got fired! For three years, from
October '29 to November '32 in the election that FDR won, Hoover kept
saying, "It wasn't the government's fault, we're doing everything we
can." He repeated this for three whole years as things got worse and
worse, until things finally hit absolute bottom!

I wouldn't be surprised now if it takes half that time. People are
better informed, people know the history more, they're going to be
more scared. If they've got any sense at all they're going to start
worrying about the banks and pulling their money out.

And once the banks fail, businesses fail, manufacturers fail,
industries fail and unemployment skyrockets! It will be worldwide and
worse than ever.

Ted Rudow III,MA

Menlo Park, Calif.

1 comment:

King Freddy said...

You'd like that, I think. To have the world destroy itself. I think you are positively foaming at the mouth to see some real chaos and destruction.
Christians spend so much time anticipating the end of the world that they do nothing to try and build a better place for future generations. Let me tell you something. Jesus is not going to come and take you away to live with him in his heavenly city. You are going to die of old age, and so am I. This world will turn and the human race will continue, I hope, for many centuries to come. Ted, your writings are so negative and unpleasant. Perhaps if you stopped for a moment would realize what a beautiful place this world is. You need a new perspective.
-Chris Rudow