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Ambassador criticizes U.S. action in Middle East

April 30, 2008
By Eric Messinger
A key voice in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process visited Stanford Tuesday night as part of a speaking tour of American universities.

Jeff Keacher Palestine Liberation Organization Ambassador to the U.S. Afif Safieh spoke in Kresge Auditorium last night, criticizing U.S. President George W. Bush both for his “neo-conservative ideology” and for allowing Israel “too much leeway” in the Middle East peace process.

Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) Ambassador to the United States Afif Safieh spoke at Kresge Auditorium in an event presented by the Coalition for Justice in the Middle East (CJME). The event was co-sponsored by the Organization of Arab Students in Stanford and Students Confronting Apartheid by Israel.------“I believe, Mr. President, that you are badly advised and poorly surrounded, and I sincerely hope that you will unburden yourself of the shallow and belligerent neo-conservative ideology and the delirious Christian fundamentalist theology,” Barhoum read aloud in Safieh’s words. “My understanding of the Christian faith is that Christ has never left us and that there is no need to support unquestioningly Israel’s territorial appetite to accelerate His return.”

Israel dismissed as "not serious" on Friday a Hamas proposal for a six-month truce in the Gaza Strip, where United Nations agencies have suspended aid distribution due to the Israeli siege and warned that shortages hurt the peace process."Unfortunately, this appears not to be serious at all," government spokesman Mark Regev said after the Islamist movement that controls Gaza told Egypt on Thursday that it agreed to implement a cease-fire."

The Lord only gave the country to the Jews on certain conditions--you can read all about them, principally in Leviticus and Deuteronomy--and that was, if they loved Him and obeyed His prophets and His kings, etc.--which they seldom ever did--so He took it away from them a lot of times because of disobedience.
So God doesn't own the Jews Eretz Israel at all. He doesn't even owe them one square inch of it. They don't deserve it. But they've come back on the strength of all those promises--well, I shouldn't say actually the strength of them, but just as they excuses is making that therefore it's Biblical and they should have it. The Christians are backing them up. Not just the Christians of Lebanon and Israel, but the Christians of the World!--Particularly the Evangelical Fundamentalist Christians who follow the Scofield rot!
Ted Rudow III,MA

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