Thursday, April 17, 2008

'Beginnings of Marathons' Obama-Clinton slugfest stretches into 13th round

'Beginnings of Marathons' Obama-Clinton slugfest stretches into 13th round
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'Beginnings of Marathons' Obama-Clinton slugfest stretches into 13th round

David ZugnoniIssue date: 4/9/08 Section: Opinion
David Zugnoni How do you think a panhandler feels after he's spent all day asking people on the street for a cigarette, and he finally gets one; he's got it in his mouth, ready to light it up; he can taste the nicotine, and then - he accidentally drops it in a puddle? The same way many of us Democrats are going to feel if our guy (or gal) fails to win the U.S. presidency in November"....

Unfortunately, Sen. Barack Obama the use of military force should not be taken off the table when dealing with Iran, which he called "a threat to all of us." Speaking before a pro-Israel crowd at a downtown hotel, Obama also repeated his call for a phased pullout of U.S. troops from Iraq and strongly backed a strong U.S. relationship with Israel.
This is sad and I withdraw my support for him!
Ron Paul is a good and godly man, with good principles and good stands on important matters. His beliefs resonate with those who are like-minded, and they use his campaign to promote these issues. His supporters are happy that these issues can at last get more coverage and publicity, and that he unlike other politicians, is not one to compromise and tone down his beliefs. He has been solid in his commitment to them.
He will not be elected president, but be encouraged that he has brought some of the issue that many believe in back into the public eye. In publicizing and promoting his beliefs, he does so for some many. His stand and the supporters who have rallied to him also demonstrate that there remain some in the U.S. who think along the same lines you do, that there is a good and godly remnant who are not indifferent to the way things are, and who would like to return the U.S. to what it was many years ago.
Ted Rudow III,MA
Class of 1996

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