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Tuesday November 6, 2007


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Speaker talks peace in Palestine

Students participate in “die-in,” Peace Prize nominee speaks to capacity crowd

November 6, 2007
By Joanna Xu Enlarge

Sammy Abusrur Palestine talk tonight

Masaru Oka At the Intersection of Death’s roundabout yesterday, students participated in a silent “die-in” protest to recognize alleged human rights abuses against Palestinians in Israael. Hanan Ashwari also spoke.

“Peace in Palestine is an imperative,” Hanan Ashwari told a packed Kresge Auditorium last night in a speech entitled “Palestine: Is Peace Possible?”
--In her speech, Ashwari expressed confidence that peace in Palestine would be possible with direct political action and genuine commitment from all international and Palestinian parties.However, Ashwari also outlined certain obstacles that would have to be overcome before peace talks could occur, the first of which was the Israeli occupation in Palestine.She criticized the transformation of Palestine into a “charity case rather than a case of self-determination and freedom.” She affirmed that the majority of Palestinians “have been protective of their fundamental rights and want to build a state based on democracy and human rights.”-----

Ted Rudow III,MA
The country whose warmongers daily slaughter or support the slaughter of innocents is more than deserving of such punishments and terror. These who strike fear daily into the hearts of poor, struggling third world nations, who have done nothing to ease the sufferings of the Palestinians, these deserve to have their own people, their own country, their own government, their own economy, hurt. And those who would sacrifice some of their own people to gain political or economic benefits are the most wicked of all.
Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called the children of God. Blessed are you who promote peace, who fight for peace, who strive to live the love and peace that He preached. Those who thirst for blood, the warmongers, are the curse.
Ted Rudow III,MA

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