Friday, November 16, 2007

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Reader's Feedback Published on 17/11/2007
Readers' Letters and Daily Star is pleased to provide a forum for debate on a range of subjects, from local cultural activities to international politics.
Dozens, sometimes even hundreds, of letters fall into the editor's mailbox daily. In order to keep the letters timely, The Daily Star generally produces a special letters section. When the influx of letters is particularly large, extra space is made available accordingly.
If you would like to submit a letter for publication, please remember to include your full name (first and last) and address, including city. The Daily Star only publishes letters under 400 words, and these are subject to editing. The Daily Star will not acknowledge unsolicited submissions.Agence France Presse

Agence France Presse
"Bhutto issues Musharraf ultimatum, urges Pakistanis to hold mass protests"
November 8, 2007 The US is reviewing its aid to Pakistan - about $10 billion in overt funding since 2001. Yet the Bush administration may push for continuing military aid for the Pakistani Army's counterinsurgency operations, says analyst Steve Coll of the New America Foundation. President Bush is nothing but the front man for the rich to keep control. He started out as their puppet, but puppets have a funny way of getting out of hand. So something very strange is happening in the world right now! This is why so many fascist takeovers happen. This is why Hitler, Mussolini, Franco and many others came to power. The rich are clever organizers who know how to engineer a military coup as the US did in Chile, Argentina, Central America and Venezuela.
Ted Rudow III,MA
California, USA
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