Saturday, November 10, 2007

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Reader's Feedback Published on 10/11/2007
Readers' Letters and
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The Daily Star
"Livni rejects timetable for peace deal"
November 2, 2007

"By forbidding the cutting off of electricity, Attorney General Mazuz prevented Israel from arousing the anger of the entire world." But the collective punishment he didn't stop, the ever tightening siege of the Gaza Strip. The state of Israel prevents the entry of vital goods - from fuel to baby food and everything in between. No one is allowed in or out - neither student on their way to study nor terminal patients in urgent need of medical care. Today, 80 percent of Gazan's are under the poverty line - without money to buy what little the shops still have.
The American government can be amazingly hypocritical when it comes to promoting human rights. Human rights activists in the Middle East say they can't even use the word "democracy" anymore - it has become a dirty word because of what people have seen going on in Gaza. Maybe other nations would have a little more respect for the United States if they saw it promoting freedom and human rights and democracy among its allies.

Ted Rudow III,MA
California, United States of America
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