Monday, August 02, 2010


by Ted Rudow III,MA ( Ted77 [at] )
Monday Aug 2nd, 2010

Before World War 1, Lebanon was a part of Syria and had been a part of Syria for hundreds of years! Lebanon had not been independent since almost the times when Israel was independent.

For hundreds of years it had been occupied by Romans, Arabs or Turks or somebody. And when World War 1 rolled around, Lebanon was a part of Syria and had been a part of Syria for hundreds of years.

Which, of course, was the idea in the World War 1 settlement. They gave Israel or Palestine to the British, they gave Lebanon to the French. I think they called it the Levant. Syria was one of the defeated powers because they had worked with the Germans, so they ripped off Lebanon from Syria and they ripped off Palestine from the Turks! Neither one of them had been an independent country for centuries.

So the point is that both Israel and Lebanon are artificial countries! Palestine had been a country for generations, but it was under the Turks and the Arabs. But both were the artificial creations of the conquering powers, particularly Lebanon. They hadn't been free or independent for hundreds of years, it was a part of Syria. So when Lebanon had their big civil war, the Arabs agreed that Syria should move in to Lebanon and settle it and stop the civil war and enforce peace, and they did. Of course, this aggravated the Israelis because they didn't get a piece of the action! Well, they did move in for awhile, but then they got forced out by the UN and World opinion. So finally they just invaded Lebanon against the UN and World opinion and grabbed the bottom half anyway.
They're all such a bunch of liars and pretenders, particularly Israel and the U.S.!

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