Saturday, August 28, 2010

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Reader's feedback published on 28/08/2010
The Daily Star is pleased to provide a forum for debate on a range of subjects, from local cultural activities to international politics.
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Jamil K. Mroue
“Israel isn’t nice to her friends”
August 19, 2010

Israel and the Palestinian Authority have agreed to begin direct talks for the first time since late 2008. The talks between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas are set to begin on September 2. Abbas agreed to the talks despite Israel’s steadfast refusal to freeze West Bank settlement expansion and stop demolishing Palestinian homes. Its occupation of Palestinian land has been an ongoing natural disaster, and every once in a while, when Israel commits some form of blatant aggression or atrocity against the Palestinians, the international community is outraged and even the US has to take note. Then the US puts on a little pressure usually very little and Israel makes some sort of concession like saying it will dismantle checkpoints in the West Bank or stop the construction of new settlements in occupied territory. Those so-called concessions make people happy for a while and receive a lot of publicity, but meanwhile, new checkpoints are put up to replace the old ones, and even though some illegal settlements might have been shut down in the form of a few Israeli trailers getting towed off of barren hilltops, there’s a construction boom going on in the existing settlements. Oh, they say, those aren’t illegal. Settlements are just the normal expansion of our more than 120 existing settlements. After all, we have to make room for thousands more settlers to join the more than 280,000 who are already occupying Palestinian lands. Israel has been doing something similar for decades now.

Ted Rudow III, MA
Menlo Park, California, United States

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