Thursday, May 28, 2009

Overran this part

Overran this part
by Ted Rudow III,MA ( Tedr77 [at] )
Thursday May 28th, 2009
Thursday as Israel flatly rejected a US and Palestinian demand that it stop settlement construction in the Occupied West Bank. An end to settlements was a top priority for Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas as he sat down with Obama Thursday.
The Gaza Strip, which the Jews grabbed, and in this same 1967 War the Jews also grabbed all of Jerusalem. This whole part occupied by the Jews here is called the West Bank.--The West Bank of the Jordan River. This was Jordanian land, it was a part of Jordan, until the 1967 War, at which time the Israelis grabbed all of this, the Gaza Strip, Jerusalem and the entire West Bank of the Jordan River. So now all of this is dominated by the Israelis, they rule it. But most of the Arabs live up in this area and in this West Bank area, and the Gaza Strip.
So now the Israelis have all of Jerusalem and these other areas, and they're populating it as fast as they can, putting settlements in there as fast as they can so they can say, this part was given by the U.N. to the Jews, and this part is part of the land which was supposed to have been given by the U.N. to the Palestinians.
But the Jews paid absolutely no attention whatsoever to the U.N. decision and just overran this part here, like it never had even been agreed on. The Arabs agreed to it, the U.S. agreed to it, all the major World nations agreed to it, about the only ones who didn't were the Jews!

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