Friday, May 08, 2009

Do abortion clinics encourage racist practice?

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Do abortion clinics encourage racist practice?

How much is my life worth? How about my mother's? Or my father's?

Planned Parenthood has accepted a price for my head by accepting money for the cause of aborting black babies. The organization has been targeted by the UCLA student publication, The Advocate, for its questionable practices regarding abortions....
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The protesters just chaining themselves to doorways of abortion clinics isn't going to help those mothers any! They're just trying to stop'm from having abortions. They need to offer them help instead of going to all that expense of those huge rallies and demonstrations. Of course, that's good to wake up the people and stop the mothers, but what is the alternative? How are they going to help the mothers who can't handle their babies? Maybe they're single mothers who have jobs and can't even afford to have their babies, so what are they going to do to help them?

That's where it seems to me the Christian protesters are being a little hypocritical, because it doesn't seem that they're offering real genuine help, such as financial help & babycare or adoption assurance, things like that.

The rich Christians need to put their money where their mouth is & put out more money to help the girls! To the girls it's a problem. A lot of them don't want to have abortions, so what they need is help with their problem. If the Christians don't want them to get an abortion, then what do they want them to do? In a lot of cases, of course, it's just plain selfish women & selfish parents.
The single unwed mothers really can't even afford to have the abortion, but it's cheaper to have an abortion than to have a baby! It's gotten very expensive to have a baby in the U.S. nowadays.Then there's all of the babycare afterwards, & if she has a job, how is she going to take care of her baby?
A lot of women want to have the baby & would like to keep it, but the rules at the adoption agencies are that they can never see the baby again or even know who the adopting parents are! Therefore the girl has no hope for the future that she is ever going to see her baby again, & that's the killer! That really tortures them & frightens them!

If the adoption agencies would break that barrier, so that the adopters are willing to be more unselfish & willing to let the mother see the baby, even come & visit, that would seem to be the ideal solution. Let the rich adopters take care of the baby for her, like grandparents, & let her come see the baby, & when she is able, even allow her to take the child back.
Ted Rudow III,MA
class of 1996

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