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Cubans are more than just stereotypes and dictators

Abstract: For me, it's not easy being a Cuban-American in the U.S., especially here in California. Cubans are very rare in The Golden State. Either that or just really spread out. So if you want to meet a real Cuban quickly and try your luck at dominoes with them, either book a flight to Florida, or go visit the actual country itself, although just trying to get permission to go is an adventure in itself.... Ted Rudow III,MA 5/06/09
HOW MANY EXAMPLES ARE THERE OF COUNTRIES THAT STARTED OFF WITH A LIBERAL DEMOCRATIC NEW REVOLUTIONARY GOVERNMENT WHICH WAS AT FIRST SUPPOSEDLY PRO-U.S. & recognised immediately by the U.S. Government & favoured & helped? I was there when it happened to Castro in Cuba! The U.S. just praised & extolled him to the heavens when he first moved in & ousted Batista--Batista, who was their own little boy but got too hard to control. Instead of letting the U.S. run him, he finally decided to let the Mafia run him, there was more in it for him.
AT FIRST THEY PRAISED & IMMEDIATELY RECOGNISED THE NEW CASTRO GOVERNMENT. But then he gradually turned & showed his Socialism more & more, & his brother & his cousin turned him more & more toward the Communists & he began to nationalise industry & these immense thousand-acre farms. Then he offended the rich when he came all-out in his program to re-distribute the land & the wealth, etc., & reclaim the Cuban possessions for Cubans!
AT FIRST THE U.S. BACKED CASTRO'S REVOLUTION, helped him, helped arm him & glorified him when he came to power. But then it took a turn, he went too far. The U.S. doesn't want a dictatorship, especially when it has become unpopular & World opinion has turned against them by the Jewish media, etc. They want a more liberal democratic government, they don't mind if it's even a little leftist, as long as they can dump this unpopular dictator who has begun to give the U.S. a bad reputation & is turning World opinion against the U.S.
NOW THIS IS THE PATTERN: They at first back the new leftist revolutionary government, which is supposedly going to be a democratic government & supposedly going to be pro-U.S. There's a whole long string of'm! They only keep relations with the U.S. because they're right there on the border & they're afraid, so they have to kind of play along with the U.S.
Ted Rudow III,MA
class of 1996

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