Thursday, June 12, 2008

Their puppet

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Marie Cocco: Kucinich's articles of impeachment

......Besides Iraq, the war on terror and the warrant-less wiretapping of American citizens, Kucinich lays out many other stunning abuses, everything from the effort to keep a Medicare actuary from relaying to Congress accurate cost estimates about a new drug benefit, to the scandal in which top prosecutors were pushed out of their jobs for their apparent refusal to bring political prosecutions that would please Republicans.Kucinich does not rant, but relies almost exclusively on the government's own documentation of wrongdoing -- accounts from inspectors general, congressional testimony, memos that surfaced or were subpoenaed. Some of Kucinich's charges truly outline high crimes; others just a blatant disregard for the public. And, politically speaking, they are at this point in time irrelevant.But if you really want to know "what happened" in the Bush era, take a pass on buying former White House press secretary Scott McClellan's new book. Read Kucinich's articles of impeachment in the Congressional Record -- for free -- instead.

About the writer:
Marie Cocco's e-mail address is Distributed by the Washington Post Writers Group.

Their puppet

Bush really nothing but the front man for the rich to keep control.--He started out as their puppet, but puppets have a funny way of getting out of hand. So something very strange is happening in the world right now! This is why so many fascist takeovers happen. THE CLEVER SUBTLETY OF THIS REGIME--what smooth, suave, scientific and reasonable patriotic excuses it had for everything. It was all very logical and obviously supposed to be very good for you and good for everyone, good for the Country and even for the rest of the world. You were almost convinced yourself--into believing what they were doing was right and for the common good, and even necessary, so that you felt little or no resentment or resistance.
Ted Rudow III,MA

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