Friday, May 09, 2008

Music today: worse or much worse?

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Friday May 9, 2008


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Music today: worse or much worse?

May 9, 2008
By Ziv Shafir

".........Maybe it’s natural to write off music outside of one’s formative years. After all, our grandparent’s generation wrote off great rock’n’roll as noise pollution. But, it seems good music only comes around every other era. Although the 90s and early 2000s were great, we could live without the 80s (exempting Prince and MJ, of course.) The 70s were amazing, but the 60s needed some work. And so here we are today, in the cycle of another lackluster era of music. From what I’ve heard, we’ve got another long 10 years ahead of us.What music captures your soul? Email dirtycalstudent "at"
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Ted Rudow III,,MA
MUSIC CAN BE A BLESSING, AND YET IT CAN ALSO BE SO DANGEROUS! That's why it is so important to listen to the right kind of music. The Pavlovian Method of conditioning reflexes enables evil men to discover secrets of the hearts and minds of men in order to manipulate them for their own evil purposes. Men can be mentally conditioned to respond to a set stimuli like a series of tone signals. Almost like a telephone: You can dial a certain combination of numbers and that keys the equipment to connect one instrument with another instrument.
YOU KNOW SOME OF THESE COMPOSERS WERE INSPIRED! Wagner was sometimes inspired by the Devil, and others like Handel and Mozart, were sometimes inspired by the Lord. It's as though they were really inspired by the Lord or the Devil. Those inspired by the Devil were getting the Devil's message, if they were really tuned in.--And if the hearers are tuned in, they get the message too!
HITLER WAS ABSOLUTELY HYPNOTISED BY WAGNER'S MUSIC! He was getting the message! He was like a receiver for the message and he played the tune. He added the words and the bombs and the bullets to the tune and brought Hell on Earth!

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