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May 19,2008

Credit has become a drug

Credit has become the drug of choice of the modern world, far more widespread than any other. Individuals, companies and governments must have their fix of it, for they are addicted to it, and the withdrawal symptoms are too painful to endure. Life without credit means no future debt is possible, and often their present debt is so large and overwhelming that they cannot go on without another credit fix.

Like many drug users, however, they do not see that they have a problem. They’re surrounded by other users who are in similar situations. “Credit and debt are just the way of the world, a necessity, and nothing to worry about. Everyone does it and no one’s especially concerned about it. Besides, it feels good and helps make life more enjoyable. I need it. I’ve got to have it.”

Occasionally the “users,” the debtors, feel the pain of their addiction and regret what they’ve gotten themselves into, but a fresh infusion of credit brings relief and temporary surcease from the pain.

Ted Rudow III,MA

Menlo Park

The Examiner

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