Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"Under God"?

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Sept. 18,2007
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Should the clause "under God" be removed from the Pledge of Allegiance? NO


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posted 9/28/05
Look how they've attacked each major field that proves the existence of a perfect God: The first thing they attacked was religion itself!--Various religions were just religions, probably fabrications of man, so how could you say which was right or wrong? In other words, there were no religious absolutes.
Then they had to work on philosophy too, because that contained love, so they had to debunk philosophy, to try to prove there was no perfect philosophy, no particular philosophy was either right or wrong.
History is another thing which really proves the existence of God--God's laws of retribution & fulfilled prophecy, the rise & fall of empires because of either righteousness or wickedness. So they had to debunk History: "They were all villains!--There weren't any good or heroic men!"--The diabolical subtleness of the fiendish devilish attacks on the proofs of the existence of God! It makes me furious!
They even did the same with music, to where music was no longer music, it was just noise! It didn't have to be harmony, it didn't have to be pleasant, because there were no rules! Look at art: Modernistic art is total confusion--no rules, no beauty, no nothing! It doesn't even have to mean anything. See, if you can prove to people there's no meaning to a thing, then there's no order, no purpose, no plan, & there's no Planner.
In the same way they attacked creation: They had to try to prove there was no order to things, no laws, no plan, no purpose.--Therefore, there was no Planner or Anybody that gave orders. So Creation just became a meaningless chaotic evolution: "It all just happened by accident."
Their whole theme song is: "It ain't necessarily so."--Beginning with the Bible, they've gone right on down the line through everything.--"There's nothing that's true, so there is no Truth", in other words.
Ted Rudow III,MA

Ted Rudow III,MA, Counselor
Menlo Park,CA
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posted 9/17/07 @ 7:34 PM PST I like how you put your opinion.
It was to the point and clear.
I also agree that "under God" should not be taken out.
That is ridiculous. People can be dismised from saying it, rather than completely abolishing.
We can't just delete 53 years of repeating the same Pledge of Allegiance, and suddenly be banned from saying those words that are memorized permanently in our minds and hearts forever.
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